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Power of 12+ natural herbs & oils that helps stop hair fall and promote the growth of nourished, thicker and fuller beard. Keshvardhak Ayurvedic Beard Oil ensures all-round nourishment of your beard hair.

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Advantages: Extremely nourishing plants
Herbs and uncooked plants abound throughout Mother Nature. These unprocessed plants are where the various botanical oils are taken out. The potency of organic herbs and botanical oils included in Indus Valley Beard Oil helps to fortify and hydrate beard hair. In order to promote healthier, thicker, and more robust beard growth, the botanical oils also nourish the skin beneath the beard as well as its roots.
kind to all skin types

All skin types

All skin types can benefit from the unscented beard growth oil’s pure and organic ingredients, which calm skin. Aloe Vera and lavender oil are rich in nourishing and calming properties that promote hair development and reduce dryness on the skin. Herbal beard softener Shea Butter is well renowned for ensuring that your hair is properly styled, eliminating any dryness and brittleness.

Strong effect

Organic elements that operate from root to tip are blended into the beard hair growth oil. Seldom do we come across an organic collection of 19 distinct herbal extracts that can completely reverse the growth of facial hair. This priceless assortment can also be applied to your head’s hair roots.

Completely devoid of chemicals

Only organically certified natural components are used in the pure and organic Beard Oil of Indus Valley, which is free of SLS and parabens. There are no added artificial ingredients, chemicals of any kind, or fake perfumes.


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